For many businesses, the June Swoon is just the beginning. We have a lot of dog days ahead us until Labor Day, with lots of co-workers and clients dropping off the map for vacations, etc.

Summer is a great time to catch up on techie housekeeping.

Here are the five things to put on your to-do list, due by the end of August.

1. Clean up your e-mail. Delete, delete, delete. Organize and archive what's important.
2. Get the sneaker- net activated. The sneaker net is an IT euphemism for actually walking the office; work station to work station checking on each computer. Who needs a memory upgrade? Who needs old applications removed off their hard drive? Who needs patches installed? Who needs their browsers updated?
3. Training (See this morning's posting about self-tutoring yourself with a tech manual). For businesses who can afford it, this is a good time to send your admin to an Office 2007 workshop or train someone on staff to be the back-up web master (learning just enough; like how to post new content, swap out a picture, etc.).
4. Research new technologies. Take inventory. What technologies are working well for you? Which technologies are not? Now is the time to read up on topics like software as a service, web conferencing, cloud computing, online collaboration tools, etc. Involve a cross section of your colleagues to take a look at what's out there that can really help make the business more efficient and then set some goals for implementation.
5. Update contact information; both internally and with key clients, vendors and contractors.With so many modes of communication nowadays (office phone, e-mail, cell phone, texting, etc.), contact information is a moving target. Addresses and numbers change and so do individual tastes for preferred methods of contact. Some people rarely pick up the phone, but will answer a text in a nano-second,for example. Make a note wherever the mother rolodex is housed.