I guess Microsoft hasn't given us all enough agida with Windows Vista. Internet Explorer 8 has been out in beta since the beginning of the year. Beta, part two is due out in August and Microsoft is warning web masters to bring their sites up to standards code or they potentially will not work with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

In other news...

Yahoo! announced this week it will not sell it's search business to Microsoft. Take a hint, Redmond. Take a hint, Jerry Yang, as well. Wall Street is not happy! Yahoo! stock is trading some ten bucks below what Microsoft offered to pay per share earlier this spring. Yang & Co. may feel like heroes for not selling out, but shareholders are likely not sharing those sentiments.

Also this week, Apple finally unwrapped a 3G version of the iPhone. HP is also going to start selling 3G smartphones in the United States.

Ajit Jaokar, the Mobile 2.0 guru and author of the popular "Open Gardens" blog, had an interesting post on how people pick their mobile technologies. What's more important the handset or the telco operator? Jaokar intimates in a posting this week that at a Mobile Web Summit, an unnamed company has quietly conducted a survey asking mobile users which operator they prefer. Hands down, Nokia won. Ugh.. folks, Nokia makes the devices. In other words, in answer to that first question; it appears it's all about the device and not the telco operator billing your minutes.