Apple got a big dis' from The Big Apple. I had to laugh over the weekend when I finally got a chance to see "Sex and The City".

Without spoiling any plot points, there's a scene among Manhattan's icons of sexy single gal pals (Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte) where the proverbial you-know-what really hits the fan. In a moment of crisis (No, it had nothing to do with missing a Manolo shoe sale), Carrie desperately needs a cell phone. All three friends scramble to hand their's over. One offers an iPhone and Carrie gives a disgusted harumph and dismisses it with a "I don't know how to work that thing".

Apple love only goes so far, I guess. Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie, who plays a writer no less, was a Mac faithful throughout the show's run on HBO and her notebook plays prominently in the movie, as well.