It hasn't made it into Webster's yet, but "staycations" are definitely gaining ground into the mainstream lexicon; thanks to gas surpassing four bucks a gallon and climbing.

Staycations are just what they sound like; vacations close to home. Summer time is upon us. Where to go and what to do with those days off in July or August that you blocked off the calendar back in December when gas was a mere $3 and some change (ah, the good ole days!). Many folks are electing to take short trips closer to home or stay at home altogether spending time in the backyard or local pool.

As you make your plans to reacquaint yourself with the nearby golf courses and museums; here's my free advice:

Draw your line in the sand now. Whether you go to Bermuda or no further than the above ground pool in your own backyard; don't let your staycation turn into a workcation.

A vacation is not about where you go, but what technology you put away for a time. Make a committment to family and friends that you will go off e-mail, screen work calls and put the laptop in a closet somewhere under the supervision of someone else other than you.

Do that and you'll discover Dorothy was right; there's no place like home.