File this under "humor for hump day". I guess it's safe to say that morale is pretty low at Yahoo! these days. As noted and logged by Real Tech News, these are just some of the more recent high profile departures:

Jeff Weiner, Executive VP of the network group, and Usama Fayyad, Executive VP of research and computing infrastructure; Qi Lu, Executive VP in charge of search and monetization, Brad Garlinghouse, Senior VP of communication and communities, and Vish Makhijani, Senior VP of search.

Also, thanks to Real Tech News for pointing me towards the Yahooreziner. It's a Yahoo-customized automated resignation letter generator (say that three times fast!). And, it's pretty hysterical.

Don't feel so bad, Yahoo! executives. (those of you that remain). We've all been there and done that.

In fact, I'm guessing many who visit this site can appreciate the "reziner". Most people who startup their own companies don't start out as entrepreneurs. We start out as tools working for the man and one day just get tired of getting screwed by the hammer (that's an on purpose mixed metaphor, by the way).

Parting thoughts...

I count five VPs that have fled Yahoo! according to Real Tech's count. That's five out of a zillion by the way. But, I wonder how many startups will be born out of those five departures. Are two or more already in cahoots to launch something? How many will just pull up stakes and move on to another technology megalith to continue tool-time? How many will be their own boss and decide they'd rather be the hammer than the nail this time around?