Most entrepreneurs have a singular goal; creating a successful business.

There are other motivations for the entrepreneurial spirit, however. Case in point, meet "Dancing Matt".

Dancing Matt isn't a very good dancer, but he's one heck of an entrepreneur in my book. This is a guy who just wanted to travel the world taking videos of his crazy little dance to upload on the Internet and make other people happy (Mission accomplished, Matt! It made me smile!).

I don't think Dancing Matt cares one wit about building a business. But, he has managed to hustle up a sponsorship with Stride Gum to support his global dancing habit. Stride Gum, I'm sure, crunched the numbers and figured out he's drumming up enough publicity for them to earn his keep.

Dancing Matt says he's not rich. But in one year alone he danced his little jig across all seven continents and 39 countries. How many millionaires can say the same thing? Matt is rich in something and what's more he's sharing his wealth with the rest of us.

It's Friday. It's July. Give yourself a break and do check out Matt. It'll remind you both how big and how small our world truly is and that it's full of mostly warm, friendly folks who are more than happy to drop what they're doing and dance a jig with a stranger.

I could wax on about the global economy and all of that. But that goes without saying. Just take a moment and don't forget to dance once in a while.

Have a great weekend. We'll get back to business on Monday.

- Renee Oricchio

p.s. Special thanks to CLM for introducing me to Matt.