It really depends on what kind of business you run. However, a decent GPS system starts around $250. To avoid delivery vehicles getting lost and wasting productivity while ticking off a customer, this is probably a small investment to avoid major headaches.

The question is: what's wrong with a map?

Before investing in GPS, poll your drivers accordingly:

1. Which is easier to read; a map or a GPS screen?
2. Is it easier to just call and get directions?
3. How comfortable are you with gadgets?

Other factors to consider:

- GPS systems aren't perfect. It may give you a route, but not necessarily the quickest route or one that takes current road construction or traffic patterns into account. For local stops, a driver with a map who knows his community will likely be more effective.
- GPS systems are probably best for distance runs (in other towns and states), for the above reason.
- If you have more than half a dozen deliver trucks or cars in your fleet, start with one or two and see how it goes.
- Shop for features carefully.