It's a fair question!

If you're like most businesses, technology purchases like:

- mobile devices and usage plans
- flash drives
- maybe even a cheap laptop
- blank DVDs and CD-ROMs
- a simple printer for individual use
- scanners
- software
- subscriptions to various online apps
- cables, as needed
- laptop bags, mouse pads and various accessories
- iPods
- microphones, etc. for podcasting
- printer paper

are not going through the IT department, but getting mixed in with client dinners and mileage on the monthly expense report. In other words, it's untracked and not counted with the rest of the IT budget.

Is that a problem?

What percentage of your IT budget is happening outside the IT budget?

I suspect that percentage has been growing in recent years. How do you reign in technology expenses and prioritize them in a tightening economy, when you don't know what you're really spending?

food for thought...