I got an e-mail today from Apple pointing me to their newly posted video stream of a guided tour of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 3G (July 11th. The Apple faithful will be camping out in their lawn chairs any day now).

I had a hard time concentrating on all the new bling. I was too distracted by the spokesperson hosting the demo.

Question: Does Steve Jobs have a little brother?

We all know the real "Fake Steve Jobs" is really Forbes senior editor, Daniel Lyons. But, I think this may be another fake Steve Jobs: only blessed by the real one.

This Stepford Steve is a bookish white guy with wireless rim glasses wearing a long sleeve black cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Key differences: no turtle neck, less greying at the temples and only a five o'clock shadow with no actual facial hair.

Question: Why didn't the real Steve Jobs do the demo? Did he have something more important to do than promote the new iPhone?
Question: Which is the bigger brand: the Apple logo or Steve Jobs?
Question: Does everyone at Apple HQ in Cupertino wear long sleeve black cotton shirts with the sleeves pushed up?