AJAX is a web programming methodology where you can make any webpage behave more like a client application. The best example is Google's mapping site, where you can see the map updating as you slide things around in the absence of causing the entire page to refresh. It gives the illusion of a much faster user experience.

The problem has always been that different browsers treat the javascript differently in significant ways causing programming in AJAX to be bug-prone.

Along comes prototype.js, an open source javascript library which encapsulate all the ugliness and makes AJAX much easier. A large user community full of web developers has advanced this technology to the point where it is now very easy to create fantastic dynamic content which is safe across browsers - and getting safer every day.

Take a look, play around, and you too will become a protocol.js addict. I have.

Curt is CEO of a time tracking software company and has a new project management book.