How old do you have to be now to even remember what a Rolodex is? Rolodex is, of course, still around. Typewriters are still around too.

The question is where do you store your contact information?

If you're like me, the answer is; everywhere.

I'm having a devil of a time managing my contacts. I have frequently called numbers in my cell phone, people I frequently e-mail are stored in my e-mail client and then I have stickies and pieces of paper with contact information passed on the fly on my refrigerator under an Elvis magnet.

This is not exactly a good contact management strategy.

I think I was better off a decade ago with the Rolodex.

Now there's the whole new wrinkle; contacts generated through sites like Facebook and Linkedin.

Contact management has never been more difficult because it is so fractured; personal contacts, networking contacts, colleagues, Facebook friends, Linkedin contacts, people who only respond to phone calls, or e-mails, or text messaging, or instant message.

I am on both Facebook and Linkedin and I get two or three invitations a week from people I know to join their network. So, I can't downsize to one social network. I also have three e-mail addresses, which also complicates my life.

And for the record, I refuse to Twitter simply because it's one more place to manage more connections.

Sigh.. it used to be so easy to just reach out and touch someone.