And all through the line, not a geek was stirring
they were all happily in recline.

lawn chairs, and coolers, and credit cards
they awaited with glee
soon to throw down their money
for the long-awaited 3G

When all of the sudden there arose such a clatter
they sprang from their sleeping bags
to see which news crew wanted to interview a chatter.

"It's cheaper, it's faster, I can sync it at work.
I can make phone calls, listen to music, play games
and surf with my finger.
I'd like to talk with you more CNN,
but I'm too excited to linger."

I may not look busy all camped out in this line,
but I have friends to twitter, colleagues to text,
and a pizza delivery about now would be mighty fine.

The reporters got their soundbites and drove away out of sight
thanking all for their gushing with all of their might.

And meanwhile in Cupertino at Apple HQ
Lots of executives and Steve Jobs
watched the coverage and let out a