Here's the perfect free web app to do just that. Introducing Slydial!

Sign up and you can route your calls through Slydial, for free (sort of), and it goes straight to voicemail on any U.S. mobile phone. It doesn't work on landlines or international calls.

For the confrontationally- challenged, think of the possibilities:

- You need to report in to your boss, but don't want to be peppered with questions. Slydial!

- You have bad news that you're obligated to tell your client, but don't want to give him or her the opportunity to fire you or demand new terms or conditions on the account. Slydial!

- You've decided to hire someone else, but need to call the other candidates as a courtesy to let them know you've taken a pass. Slydial!

- Calling in sick... AGAIN! Slydial!

You get the idea.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to get your message across without actually having to talk to a real person. There's e-mail, texting, even snail mail; if you're that desperate.

The great thing about Slydial is that it appears you tried to be a grown-up and speak directly to the person you're avoiding like the plague.


Slydial is free if you agree to listening to the 15 second ad first when placing the call, er uh, I mean message. Also, you have to keep your voice messages to 90 seconds or less. After that, there's a charge.