If you're like me, you're already half- deaf from too much Rock and Roll in your youth (and now!). Spending a good part of the day with some sort of piece stuck in your ears, whether it's your blue tooth or ear buds for your iPod; chances are your ears are paying dearly.

I am always thrilled to see a new product that actually protects the human body, rather than harm it further. Introducing Purebuds! I've been using mine for several days now and I love 'em. They're actually comfortable, the sound is like having a Bose system in your ear and best of all: it has this unique design to protect the ear drum.

Purebuds use what they call their own "reverse sound technology". What that means in English: the little speaker buds point outwards and not inwards towards the bowels of your ear canal. This means your ear drum is spared a direct assault of all those decibels coming from your iPod.

How does it work? Don't ask me, I'm not an audiologist. I don't even play one on TV. All I know is the darn things work and for fifty bucks, I would consider it a bargain.

Memo to Purebuds: I'm very concerned about the younger generation growing up with their ears under constant assault from other headphones, cell phones and ear buds. I'm guessing the fallout when they're my age will be far more damaging to their hearing than Aerosmith was on my eight track tape player way back when.

Why don't you start a program to get your product into schools with an educational discount or offer a program for businesses to make donations? Also consider making a size smaller for little ears.

I assume you're listening.