When Firefox 3 came out a couple of months ago, I marveled at how much faster it opened than Firefox 2 and certainly the other guys (IE 7 and Safari).

What a difference a summer makes. Firefox 3 has a ton of add-ons. You can go add-on crazy with literally hundreds of choices to bling your browser. I did go crazy and guess what? It's as slow as Christmas now.

From the "do as I say, not as I do" file:

- Pick your add-ons carefully.
- If you don't use it on a regular basis after the first week, then uninstall it.
- For work, stick to add-ons that help you work better online. Save the games and fancy skins for the home computer.

I've also noticed Firefox 3 crashes quite a bit. But, it's great about recovering all the tabs you had open in your last session.

I'm still in Amish country, by the way. Through the miracles of science, I can attend a butter churning while my musings automatically post online.

Quilting anyone?