This is our bargain we've made with the modern age and all the technologies that have come with it; we don't work a straight eight or ten hours a day. We sneak in cell phone calls to our friends, text our families, work from home to accomodate a dentist appointment and a trip to the DMV.

But, we also don't play for a straight eight to ten hours a day either; even or Saturday or Sunday. We slip away and check our e-mail, take a call from our boss because he or she doesn't have enough sense to take a day of rest.

If you want to truly honor Labor Day (which, by the way, has been an American holiday since the 1880's set aside to pay tribute to the contributions and comraderie of trade and labor organizations), then you need to untether yourself from the office. In other words, do the second two directives of Timothy Leary's famous quote.

It's okay if you can't remember and have to follow the link. That's why I put it there.

Have a great weekend! We'll get back to business AFTER Labor Day on Tuesday.

- Renee Oricchio