Tsk Tsk! The Apple-ites are really having a time with their MobileMe service (the replacement for the .mac mobile e-mail client),

In truth, the MobileMe outages that have happened since last month's release of the new iPhone 3g have only affected about 2% of all customers. That doesn't sound like much, unless you are among that 2%.

Apple has gotten hammered by all the bad press from those outages, however. Steve Jobs has done everything but whip himself with his own turtle neck. He has been apologizing to customers and promising a swift fix, which just hasn't been swift enough.

Ergo.. Apple is announcing a 60 day extension on the free trial period of MobileMe to customers. Here's the details from the Apple site.

I guess it is a consolation prize for those affected that at least they're not paying for spotty service. Is it another way of saying that Apple needs another two months to pull it together? Was that a "the glass is half empty" observation? oops!

I wouldn't be too hard on Apple. When my phone service or cable modem or cable TV service goes down, I can assure you my providers could care less and NEVER take responsibility or credit my account.

I say bravo to Apple for at least taking responsibility and offering something to customers.