You don't even need to have a web site to help your search engine rankings in Google.

Mystified? Here's my Google tip of the day; list your business address with Google maps.

This is free, of course. It's also a no-brainer. If you have the type of business that customers or clients visit (in other words, you actually want people to know where you are based), simply create a Google account and list your busines and accompanying address.

When users search your business category in your locale, your bricks and mortar location is flagged on the map to click on for contact information. Hopefully that does include a web site. But, again, it isn't required.

Speaking from the stand point of a "searcher"; when I seek out businesses this way, I check out the ones with corporate sites and typically ignore the others. I'm guessing that I'm not alone on this.

So if you really are still operating without a corporate site; well, I'll save that tongue-lashing for another day.