And the hits just keep on comin' for Apple and its MobileMe customers. Ever since the launch of the new iPhone 3G last month, there has been a spate of outages for MobileMe users.

The good news: MobileMe seems to have stablized for now (after becoming priority one in the eyes of the black turtle-necked one: CEO Steve Jobs).

The bad news: phishing attacks. Word is, some MobileMe customers are receiving bogus e-mails claiming their recent subscription charge didn't process correctly and to please click through a couple of links to update billing information.

Here's a picture of what the e-mail looks like courtesy one MobileMe user's Flickr account. Note: I say picture. It's a pretty slick e-mail looking pretty credible.

As always, anytime you get an e-mail asking for personal information, especially financial information, chances are its phishing scam (or a company that is clueless when it comes to customer service).