Technorati has released its annual State of the Blogosphere report this week.

For those of you still on the fence about incorporating a blog in your business, here's some nuggets to consider:

- Blogs got more than 77 million unique visitors in the month of August here in the United State. That's out of a total Internet U.S. audience of 188 million.

- 50% of Internet users in the United States read blogs.

- The more you post, the higher your blog ranks and, therefore, generates more advertising dollars (if you're advertising- driven and care about that).

- There are close to one million new blog posts a day.

- The average blog is three years old.

- Blogs are making money. 100,000 unique visitors a month translates to about $75,000 a year if you place your ads right, etc.

I recently wrote an article for businesses and professionals dealing with a stale blog. Here's some tips to give yourself a jumpstart.