You twitter, you blog, you podcast, you upload videos to Youtube and in the end; precious few eyeballs show up.

Here's a way to jump start your online presence.

Next time you're at a conference, trade show or professional event of any kind; cover it live through one or more of the channels above. It's far more likely to spread virally, because it's timely.

New information is premium information.

Hollywood understands this. Think about how much cheaper it is to view a movie the older it is. It starts out in the theater at $10 a seat, plus popcorn and a mop bucket of Coke. Then there's pay-per-view or $20 - $30 for a newly released DVD. Eventually, that same movie ends up in the bargain bin of DVDs at Wal-Mart for $7.50 or chopped up, censored with bleeps and sprinkled with commercials on TBS for free.

Think about the information you are twittering, blogging, podcasting, etc. Is it "in theaters now" level information or warmed over bits playing at three in the morning on basic cable?