Delta Airlines has announced plans to team up with Aircell to start rolling out Wi-Fi access to inflight customers as early as the beginning of the year.

It will first be available on its MD 88/90 Aircraft and later outfit the Boeing fleet.

Apparantly, access will cost a flat fee of $9.95 on flights that are three hours or less and $12.95 for longer flights.

There are so many tempting punchlines that I don't where to begin.

I'll start with just a few questions and comments:

1. What happens when a three hour flight includes six hours of sitting on the tarmac? Can you imagine adding insult to injury with the airline adding an extra three bucks to the Wi-Fi charge for their delay? I can!

2. Is Delta sure it doesn't want to offer the service free first just so we can all be outraged together when they start slapping on an extra charge later, like everything else. By the time you pay for a couple of cokes that use to be free, check a bag for a fee, pay extra for the over-microwaved mini-meal and now Wi-Fi; what does it cost to fly from D.C. to New York again?

3. By next summer Delta promises to have Wi-Fi available in all its planes. But a little extra leg room to avoid throwing a blood clot in-flight; fugedaboudit.

4. A airline is doing something Internet-related. Quick! Someone at Google launch an airline. Tickets will be free. But all passengers will be required to tattoo Google adwords to their bodies as they pass through security.

5. MacGyver tip: the SkyMall catalog makes a great mousepad.

6. Don't worry about the size of your laptop screen. When the guy in front of you kicks back his seat, it will be three inches from your face anyway.

7. So much for the "I'm going to be in the air all day" excuse for avoiding e-mail. Thanks, Delta! Keep the pillow.

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9. Even Delta's jumping on the cloud computing thing; sort of.

10. Captain's blog, I mean Captain's log. Oh yeah, that was Star Trek.