For businesses with a fleet of delivery trucks or account executives who burn a lot of miles making client calls, the price of gas is obviously taking a toll.

Here's a way to at least budget for the pain at the pump.

AAA has a great little online calculator for tallying the cost in gas from here to there based on mileage, the make and model of the car and the cost per gallon by the region.

For businesses looking to switch out cars and trucks that get lower gas mileage, this little calculator is a good reality check in calculating savings. For example, I compared my mini-van to a Camry Hybrid driving round trip from Connecticut to Florida (Hi Mom!). The savings added up to more than a hundred dollars round trip. Not bad!

Note: there is also a service for cell phone users to search for the lowest gas prices in their zip code from their mobile device. Tip: make sure your drivers know about it. Companies with a dispatcher can look up the price for drivers and tell them where to divert to for a fill-up.

Weird Science

I'm all for thinking out the box. It's why I enjoy writing for this site; a perfect mashup of tech innovation and entrepreneural spirit. But every once in awhile I hear of someone's pipe dream and wonder just how much of the pipe they've been smoking.

CNN is reporting that a conference of scientists from allover the world will be held in Japan next month to seriously (keyword: seriously) discuss the possiblity of building an elevator to outer space. Yes, you read correctly; an elevator.

That's a lot of titanium (Callaway will have to find something else for manufacturing all those Big Bertha clubs).

Questions that come to mind:

1, What happens when the elevator gets stuck on the 76,000th floor?
2. Will this change elevator music as a genre? (Rocket Man, Space Oddity, Love in an Elevator, etc.)
3. Why not an escalator?
4. Is there a food court off the top floor?
5. Is it me or would this mean Earth would look like a ball of yarn with a knitting needle sticking out of it from the other planets? Why don't we just put a goofy sweater on mother earth while we're at it. Isn't global warming bad enough? Must we add insult to injury.
6. If we install an elevator to the moon and one from the moon to Mars, etc.; how long before we've built the universe's largest high school chemistry class molecular model of salt?

But I digress...