When I say new economy, of course, I'm referring to a very fragile, precarious economy you might describe as heading over a bridge to nowhere fast.

No one is in the mood to talk about spending right now. Here's some other keywords in your blog postings, youtube videos, etc. that may up your rankings in Google; but won't endear you to new customers or help you retain the old ones:

- Upgrade
- Product launch
- New version
- Expansion
- Beta
- Pilot program
- New tool
- Venture capitol
- Second round of funding
- Cutting edge
- Implementation

You're getting the idea, I'm sure.

The thing is that the technology sector is poised to be the real heroes helping businesses stay alive these days. Here are some keywords to help make that point:

- Streamline
- Off load
- Elasticity
- Scalable
- Pay per use
- Minimal start-up costs
- Outsource
- Software as a Service (SaaS)
- Cloud Computing
- Business Intelligence
- Thin clients
- Energy efficient
- Reduce costs
- Lower head count
- Virtualization
- Free tools

Notice the second list is longer the first.

I rest my case.