Quick books, etc. is still going to cost you. But for the self-employed professional or very small business; Quicken Online just might be the right (and cheap choice) way to go.

It's a nice little interface that even includes bill-paying alerts. There's also an iPhone app in the works to access your account on the fly.

Sweet! Note the video demo on the Quicken Online site.

Tool Time

Check out MailChimp!

MailChimp is a web-based tool to create eNewsletters. But wait there's more.

What I like about MailChimp:

- It integrates with Google analytics.
- Before sending out your newsletter, you can see what your newsletter will look like in all the major browsers, including mobile browsers.
- It also goes through your newsletter looking for potential problems that will keep your e-mail from getting through the spam filters of your subscribers.
- There's a free version and then, like everything else, scales up for a price.
- It integrates with blogs making it easy to migrate content straight from posting to newsletter.

Check it out and have a great weekend.