Sorry, it's a high tech thing; obnoxious acronyms. I don't come up with these things, I just report on them.

Okay, what is OLED and why should you care?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emiting Diode (well, maybe acronyms aren't so bad)
OLED, as opposed to the current liquid color display (LCD), is apparantly going to be finding its way into laptop screens sometime next year here in the States.

This is something worth waiting for. Here's why:

1. OLED's don't require a backlight, which makes for a thinner laptop. It also uses less battery power without the backlight. Energy efficiency - good. Longer battery life - even better!

2. OLED's are brighter and can be seen from wider angles (that may be good or bad).

3. OLED's allow for touchscreen technology.

Word is, PC Makers will start showing off ther laptops with OLED screens early next year at the big Consumer Electronics Show.