Forget the markets! Forget that the world is on the verge of a global worldwide financial meltdown!


Apple is expected to unveil its long-anticipated (weeks, months even) MacBook Pro. The technorati is all abuzz and agog with leaked pictures .

While other techies are pondering how many Firewire ports will be on the new MacBook Pro and the shift to aluminum casing; my question is cost. Some weeks ago there was speculation the new MacBooks would come with a lower price.

In this economy, this is what Apple needs to be addressing. Have you compared the price of a MacBook to just about any laptop PC lately?

Also launching today: the latest, greatest version of the Blackberry Pearl from T-Mobile..

The Blackberry Pearl 8220 is priced at $149 with a two year contract, launching just in time to beat the rush before the new Google Android comes out later this month.

Was that my outside voice, again?