About a year ago, I got fed up with iGoogle and switched to Pageflakes. Big mistake! I used PageFlakes as both my Internet dashboard and my RSS reader.

It's gone.

Pageflakes got sold to LiveUniverse last spring. Here's a quote from PageFlakes CE0, Dan Cohen:

"You can count on the fact that everything that you (and we) love about Pageflakes will remain the same, while the resources Brad and LiveUniverse will be investing in us will help us make it even better,"

So much for that. PageFlakes doesn't exist anymore. One day (albeit a number of weeks ago now) I tried to launch my dashboard of widgets and incoming feeds and nothing. I tried going to PageFlakes home page. Nothing. No explanation. No splash page with a word on what next. No notification to save my bookmarked feeds in the reader. Nothing. Just all gone.

This is the risk you run by using a free webware tool as a business tool. You get what you pay for. I cheaped out and now all those dozens of feeds are lost with no notice.

File this under "cautionary tale".