A little known company, Boston Power, that makes laptop batteries is reportedly close to announcing its first major customer.

Word is, Boston Power's Sonata battery could be coming to a laptop near you in the near future. No word on which PC maker is in talks to bundle them in, but the buzz is that it is likely Hewlett-Packard.

Here are some comparisons between Sonata and today's typical battery:

- Current batteries (no pun intended) can be recharged about 150 times. Sonata can be recharged about 1000 times.

- Current batteries (pun now intended) take up to 2 hours to recharge back up to 90%. Sonata takes 30 minutes to recharge up to 80%.

- Sonata also is greener technology. It uses no heavy metals and less toxic chemicals than traditional batteries.

It's nice to know innovation and entrepreneurship is still alive and well despite Wall Street.