This is easy!

- Windows Vista (Number one two years in a row now)

- The economy

- All the VC money that went with it.

- Microsoft's attempt to buy Yahoo!

- Yahoo! management ignoring that the offer was actually a good price for shareholders and telling Microsoft to take a hike without running it by said shareholders.

- Spammers, phishers and hackers (Destined to be on this list longer than Dark Side of the Moon sat on Billboard)

- The people at Verizon who peeked at President-elect Obama's Blackberry records. Naughty!

- Anyone who still charges for WiFi.

- Apple's MobileMe

- Circuit City closes one in five of its stores. Now where can I go to do my geeky impulse shopping?

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Go Texas!

- Renee Oricchio