FBR Capital Markets is projecting iPhone production could cut back as much as 40 percent in the fourth quarter from a year ago. Okay, this recession is officially not funny anymore when the iPhone juggernaut is, well, a jugger-not!

There are a number of explanations floating around (read that: spinning around) the blogosphere. One of the rosier theories is that Apple is cutting back iPhone production at home to churn out more abroad in overseas markets.

Yup, that could be it.

Then again, maybe it's; hmmm... oh say, hmmmm again... THE ECONOMY!

Even with the price cut down to the $200 starter price, there's still that sizeable monthly nut it costs for the AT&T plan.

Just a casual observation: but seven - eight years ago when the country went into a much smaller swoon over the burst of the tech bubble, the post y2y bug slowdown and then 9/11, technology was on the precipice of all kinds of nifty things. Streaming video and DVRs come to mind. All of that eventually happened. But, there was a game delay for awhile due to the troubled economy. The technology was ready. The market was not.

3G mobile technology may not become as ubiquitous as quickly as everyone had hoped. I'm guessing more people will decide to stick with their Razr or last year's Blackberry a little longer. Just a thought.