For today's IT workers, all those Microsoft certifications may not even be worth a mention on your resume by the year 2020.

Here's why:

Cloud computing is more than just the favorite buzz term in technology this year. It's for real. All the big players are moving in that direction (Amazon, IBM, Google, etc.). For the small to midsize business, especially, it means accessing a level of computing power that would otherwise be cost prohibitive and just impossible to implement in terms of network infrastructure.

The Open World Forum has just put out its 2020 Floss Roadmap that predicts in that year 40% of all IT jobs will be related to open source computing due to the popularity of cloud computing.

The report is long and requires signing up with the forum to download it for free. Don't let that scare you off investigating. It's a worthwhile read that covers seven key areas of IT (publics policies, innovation, ecosystems, cloud computing, IT governance, careers and FLOSS in an open world), plus recommendations.

FLOSS by the way stands for Free/Libre Open Source Software.