Who needs Starbucks or any other hotspot for you and yours on the go? Coming soon (as int the first quarter of '09): Mifi. It's a 3G wireless router that provides Internet access for as many as five devices up to four hours. Thus, the "m" in MiFi is for multiple.

Made by Novatel, this little guy that literally fits in the palm of your hand, is expected to be priced at less than $300. It requires no external broadband connection. Novatel refers to it as the first of a line of "intelligent mobile hotspots" that "creates a personal cloud of high speed Internet connectivity". (When in doubt; throw in the word "cloud" into any high tech press release to ensure more coverage).

It's easy to imagine this as a handy little tool for smaller businesses. For one thing, the price is right. Imagine a presentation team taking this on the road. It's also good for juggling multiple mobile devices like not only laptops; but multimedia devices and cameras, too.