If you have ten British pounds burning a hole in your pocket and don't require proof that you've actually spent it on something real - then this is the holiday must-have for every dreamy-eyed techie.

Sentforever.com will send a text message into outerspace for all eternity.

If we really do ever have a "War of the Worlds" this is a great way to start it. At the very least, given the inanity of the average text message; I'm guessing any intelligent life out there won't think the same of us.

Maybe we can beam out our Facebook profiles into the great beyond while we're at it. Who wants to throw out the first snowball at the Klingons?

I hate to be pithy on Christmas Eve. But, how does a dotcom that sells overpriced text messages to shoot off into space (as in the "Final Frontier") get funding in times like these?

For you last minute shoppers, the good news: you don't have to worry about getting it delivered by tomorrow somewhere here on Terra Firma. Just a thought!

Happy Holidays!

Renee Oricchio