Clearwire's big plans for coast-to-coast WiMax are getting a littly muddy thanks to the plummeting economy. According to Reuters, CEO Benjamin Wolff says that 2010 roll-out that would bring WiMax to 140 million Americans is likely to stall for awhile due to the state of the credit markets.

Pownce OutTwittered

Remember Pownce? Don't worry, it's less than two weeks away from becoming a future trivial pursuit question (the geek edition). Pownce is (soon to be was) a "microblogging" social network similar to Twitter. Once upon a time (for about five minutes), there was some buzz that Pownce might actually become a formidible competitor for Twitter.

Nope! Pownce is officially shutting down on December 15th. The co-founders are off to work for Six Apart, the parent company of popular blogging tools like Moveable Type and TypePad.

Prediction: Don't be surprised if Six Apart launches a microblogging tool in the near future.