I am both on LinkedIn and Facebook. I go onto LinkedIn about every 2nd Tuesday of the month on months with an "R" in its name. You get the idea. Facebook on the other hand has become all but an addiction.

Here's the rub. I really wish Facebook would make it easier to separate the personal from the professional.

I find myself often self-censoring in deference to work colleagues or networking contacts. And actually, I self-censor even more when curbing my professional networking dreck, so that I don't look like a posing work nerd to my buddies. Sometimes, it just doesn't mix. In fact, more often than not there are subtle conflicts of interest.

I would like Facebook to be one-stop shopping for my social networking. Here's my wish list for the next version whenever it may come:

1. The ability to put "friends" into folders (old classmates, professional contacts, family and best friends, etc.) and then have a set of access preferences for each folder. Everytime I put something on my page, I'd like the option to check off which folders of friends have access.

2. Different backgrounds and themes for each folder view. I would like something more sterile and clean for a professional networking page, with perhaps a box of business contact information in a pull-out box prominantly displayed. Something my colleagues could download to a Facebook Rolodex. For the inner circle of buddies, let me have more personalization to express myself.

3. Make all of this seamless to my contacts. They dont' need to know what folder view they're filed into by me. I can see the headaches, otherwise.

4. Give me a discreet way to let go of contacts without them noticing.

5. Give me a discreet way to no longer be someone's friend without notification.

6. Let me set up my page tabs according to my folders. I want to be able to tab from view to view of my page as seen by different groups of friends. I want to be able to double check it this way and then hit "publish".