Sometimes its called "the fourth screen" (yes, it's a Nokia ad. But, it's actually a very good video perspective of the emerging mobile Internet).

If you think it's too futuristic for your business to jump into; think again. The future is here and there are many ways to leverage the mobile net in your marketing efforts.

Kim Dushinski's book, "The Mobile Marketing Handbook" is an excellent and comprehensive introduction into the many creative ways businesses are NOW extending their marketing across the mobile platform.

She breaks it down into several categories, including the following;

- Voice campaigns
- Text campaigns
- Creating mobile promotions and ads
- Proximity marketing (I found this one particularly fascinating)
- Building an effective mobile web site for your company

This is a book that will give you lots of ideas. If your company has not yet explored establishing a marketing prescence on the mobile web, it's not a question of if.

It's a question of when.

p.s In case you're wondering what proximity marketing is, I'll try to tackle that one later in the week. It deserves its own posting. - Renee