What's an spreadsheet user's favorite word? Template! There is nothing more tedious or maddening then designing your own.

Here's a great place to access an extensive library of FREE spreadsheet templates. Jaxworks has everything from quarterly cash flow analysis to shipping orders.

I have to give credit to one of my favorite blogs for tipping me off to this one: Small Business CEO.

Other things that I like about Jaxworks:

- They're established and have been around since 1996.
- They have a very strict privacy policy; no cookies, no passing on your information to third party vendors, etc.
- To be as accessible as possible, they keep the site really stripped down. Pages download really fast.
- They do sell products, a line of more sophisticated business software. But, you have to hunt for it. It's not crammed down your throat on every page.
- There are also training self-tests in various programs like Excel. You can use these for not only training, but employee assessments.
- Here's a list of other freebes they offer on the site.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch. But, it's good to know there's still plenty of free useful tools to be found all over the web. This would be one of those resources.