That's a big number and quite a milestone this week for Facebook.

How big?

Let's put it this way; 152 million people watched this year's Superbowl.

175 million people is larger than the combined populations of France and Great Britain. In fact, you can throw in the populations of Belgium and Leichtenstein, as well, and still not top the number of registered Facebook users worldwide.

Now let's look at the numbers within the numbers.

- 20 million Facebook users are accessing their pages through a mobile device.
- According to ComScore, the average user is spending 169 minutes a month on Facebook. Regular visitors to the New York Times web site spend an average of 10 minutes a month on their site. (Perhaps they should do more than write about the "25 Random Things" phenom).
- 15 million Facebook users check in on their page at least once a day.

The question is; how can your business tap into this vast audience of people (I smell customer base potential)?

- Advertising
- Put together a page showcasing your organization
- Networking
- Create an online event or company promotion complete with RSVPs available to use on Facebook. An event should offer free expertise, access to otherwise inaccessible professionals or incentives to contact the company offline.
- Put together a useful how-to video that matches your company expertise and share it (i.e. a landscape designer might put out a video explaining planting strategies with the seasons).