There are a number of ways to translate your handwriting into a personalized font. The question is why would you do it.

If you're a doctor, please stop reading now.

Here are two sites that offer customized fonts using your personal handwriting; and For a nominal fee, you scan in your handwriting samples as directed. They do the rest and you then download the app with a new font that is your actual handwriting.

The upside:

- It would be handy to create a true digital signature. (Although, I doubt it will fly with the notaries)
- If you have really nice, easy to read handwriting; it would be a great way to personalize and further brand your blog or web site.

That's about it.


- Can you say "Identity Theft"?
- Don't we type out everything nowadays to spare others from our illegible handwriting? I think the elementary schools stopped teaching penmanship about 30 years ago.

Still want to give it a try? Here's a great tutorial from Lifehacker that actually turned me onto the above sites. I highly recommend Lifehacker. I'm still not so sure about this font thing.