Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the highly anticipated Kindle 2 this week in New York City. I'm not really sure why it was so highly anticipated, however. Perhaps Oprah could explain it to me.

Yes, I think it's an amazing notion to have a handheld device that can download one of now 230,000 books that are available with the click of a button, ditto for newspapers. New York Times bestselling books only cost $9.95. I assure you they cost a lot more in hardback.

That all sounds great.

I can also see the potential of the Kindle as a business tool.

Imagine being able to download trade show literature on the fly as you wander the convention room floors and then read it later on the plane ride home. No need for those obnoxious bags of wasteful over produced marketing collateral.

Imagine being able to aggregate all your research into one place (white papers, articles from Lexus-Nexus, etc.) to also read on the road.

Imagine being able to self-publish an e-book or pamphlet showcasing your expertise at virtually no cost to other Kindle owners (who now number in at three million and growing).

Imagine being able to stockpile your company news clips to use out on calls with clients. Again, no paper weight.

Then again, imagine doing all the above on either the 3G mobile device you already have or will own within a year or two.

It's just an app away.

Bottomline: The Kindle to me is a great app. But, I don't see it as a great piece of hardware.

People are looking for ways to combine their devices and not have one more gizmo to carry around in their briefcase (laptop or netbook, mobile device, iPod, etc.).

As for Kindle 2 debuting this week in New York.

Here's a rundown of the new bells and whistles: