I don't know about you. But I'm still so disgruntled with Microsoft for being put in this upgrade no-users land trying to avoid Vista at all costs that I've been in no mood to listen to all the wags touting how great Windows 7 will be when it ships; thus making Windows Vista all a bad dream.

Of all the little tidbits coming out of Redmond, this one actually perked up my spirits.

Microsoft is quietly using a "fix it" button on various help features on its site. By clicking on the "Fix It" icon, Microsoft remotely takes control of your PC and fixes the problem while sparing you, the user, from having to figure out all those steps on your own (or worse with tech support).

Here's an example of the "Fix It" option on this Microsoft page. Note the icon of the little guy in overalls with the monkey wrench in hand about half way down the page. (Microsoft has come along way since Microsoft Bob)

Apparantly, this is a dress rehearsal for Windows 7. There are indications from Microsoft that the "Fix It" feature will be built into Windows 7 to handle all those error pop ups. If that's true, let me hear an "amen" from you in the back.

Maybe the first thing the little icon man in overalls will be able to do is boot the #%@#% thing up faster. That's the top of my wish list, if you are listening in Redmond.