If you travel for work or pleasure, here's a link you may want to save.

It's a Google Earth mashup showing all the reported cases of Swine Flu.

For companies with farflung clients and colleagues, this may be a good time to web conference more and travel less.

That was the "good" of "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the Internet's response to Swine Flu.

Here's the bad and the ugly, which can be summed up in one word: spammers. (How ironic! That, too, is a word for ham. Get it: swine flu - spam? Just an aside.)

Sadly, you can never underestimate the number of scumbags in the world poised to make a buck off tragedy and fear.

Look no further than this. It's a link to all the domain names registered over just the past few days since the outbreak became the lead story allover the world.

Apparantly, the Swine Flu has turned into a virus online. Cybercreeps are having a field day spamming inboxes with offers "to protect you and your family from Swine Flu" (for just $19.95).

Don't be fooled. Do give your staffers a heads up to delete these if you get them.