Duh doh! Blackberry had another nasty outage today hitting primarily consumers and small businesses (the enterprise clients were spared this time).

E-mail was knocked out nationwide from about 1pm to 4pm EST today.

So, if it affected you and you thought there was something wrong on your end; nope!

Other end of the day tidbits...

Apple is making an effort to reassure the Apple-faithful (and more importantly, its stockholders) that Steve Jobs is still alive, well, planning to return to work and, in fact, still has his hand on the steering wheel.

Apparantly, Jobs has been active behind the scenes during his months long medical leave particularly focused on the recent launch of the iPhone's 3.0 software and the Mac netbook presumbably in the works.

Jobs is supposed to be back on the job by summer. Hopefully, this is true and best wishes for his health.