Your phone has bluetooth. Your computer probably does too. What should this enable you to do?

Investigating various software packages has led me across the following capabilities:

1. Transferring pictures and movies taken on your phone wirelessly to your computer.
2. Syncing address book data between your phone and your computer.
3. Using your cellphone as a 'clicker' to advance powerpoint slides
4. Texting people through your phone from your computer (after all your computer has a better keyboard)
5. Picking up and dialing calls directly from your PC
6. Auto locking and unlocking your computer screen when you walk away with your phone.

I haven't gotten any of this to work yet, although I tried with one application, the BluePhoneElite for the Mac, but it gave me an I/O Kit Error which I could find no information on and could not resolve.

For the Mac, Romeo is getting good reviews.

For Linux, people are having success with the Bluetooth Proximity Monitor.

And in the cool device section we have the Virtual Laser Keyboard. Gotta get me one of those!

If you're a frequent reader of this column (Hi Mom!) you know I love my BlueAnt earbud. It never judges me, is always there to listen when I want to talk, and always speaks to me in a calming voice.