I want a pair of these.

Science fiction books (e.g. Accelerando, Snowcrash) have for years been droning on about the near future which involves see-thru virtual reality eyewear that labels objects in your vision or otherwise gives a headsup display (HUD) of any data that would ordinarily be presented to you on your computer screen or on a cellphone display.

Microvision was recently awarded a few million by the DOD to make some progress in this arena. One way of doing this is via a projector that is very small and displays images on the inside of your eyeglasses.

The other method that I've heard of is to have a laser raster the images directly onto your retina.
Both methods have challenges, but bugs in the latter method could burn a hole in your head, I guess, which would be bad.

In the more immediate future, Microvision will be releasing a very small iPhone wall projector so you can show powerpoints with only your phone and another phone sized display device.

I want it all, especially the magic glasses. Who wants to buy me one?