Here's this week's batch of not-exactly-lead-story-material headlines:

-Microsoft has announced a new partnership to put MySpace's mobile app on Windows Mobile. (Check my pulse, please. Make sure I'm still alive.)

-In a new survey put out by Forrester Research, America Online has been rated the best internet service provider in terms of customer service and that's without sending me a free installation cd in the mail once a week. I'm getting low on coasters.

-Dell will soon be offering it's Inspiron desktop towers in eight different colors. Prices start at $299 (that's a little more interesting). Problem; despite the eye candy, it's still a desktop and who wants to be tied to a desk anymore?

-Nokia and AT&T announced this week that it's coming out with the world's thinnest smartphone. The E71x (catchy name) is just 10mm thick. The iPhone is just over 12mm thck. The Razr is about 15mm thick, depending on the model. Ooooo.. Aaahhh. Let's see how the E71x holds up in the pants pocket test.