Jott converts speech to text for about $4/month. Google Calendar is a great online calendar program. My BlueAnt V1 earbud makes my cell easy to use. Here's what happens when I want to create a new entry in my calendar now:

I click my earbud once. "Say a command" says my earbud.

"Call speed-dial 8", I say.

"Calling speed-dial 8", says my earbud. This is the 800 number to Jott which will recognize my caller ID
and know who I am.

"Who do you want to Jott?", says the female Jott robot.

"Google Calendar", I say.

"Beep", says Jott.

"Dentist next Tuesday at 9 AM", I say.

Double click my earbud to hangup.

That's it. And it appears on the calendar just like you want it to. Wow. It took very little time to set all this up, really.

Curt is kind of a geek, and he wrote a book about time tracking and project management