Do I have resistance to being cool?

I had a cell phone meltdown over the weekend. Actually, what happened is my old cell phone took a bath in a cup of Dr. Pepper (long story; let's not go there!). Naturally, this happened at a time that I was six weeks away from ending my two year contract and was waiting to switch carriers.

Needless to say, this precipitated me switching carriers and getting a new phone within 24 hours. It was messier than the Dr. Pepper soaked phone.

I wanted to want an iPhone. What tech writer worth her salt would have anything else in these times. It was between an iPhone or a Blackberry.

I chose neither.

I just couldn't commit to the touch screen only iPhone. I've been playing with them every chance I get. But in the end, that's all they feel right for - play, not everyday work. The iPhone felt just a little too precious in my hand.

Fine. That should have made it easy to go for the Blackberry. I seriously considered the Curve. It was a close second. But, it just didn't feel right in my hand.

In the end, I got a Palm Centro and I'm loving it.

It does everything the Curve does. It just feels right in my hand and intuitive to use - for me.

That's really what it's all about. It all boils down to what feels right in your hand.

I had a Sidekick for almost two years and hated it. This time, I was much pickier. It took me hours to make my decision this weekend.

My only gripe with the Palm Centro is the stylus. I'll let you know on this blog how long it takes me to lose the first one and what it costs to replace it.

I do like that it has a touch screen, but still has buttons - even the stylus (as long as I don't lose it) is nice.

It's smaller than the Curve or iPhone. But, the buttons are just fine for my chick-sized fingers. I'm guessing a guy with big hands would be less pleased.

I may not be that cool. But, I do like my mobile tool.

I drive a mini-van, too. What can I say?