Actually, the folks in Redmond prefer code name Office 14. Windows 7 and Office 14; there's something mathematically soothing about that.

Although Microsoft is now confirming what Acer tipped off a few weeks ago, that Windows 7 will be shipping out in PC's this fall in time for the holidays;

That's a pain for those of us holding out for Windows 7 trying to bypass Vista and upgrade all of it at once. Confession: I'm still limping by with Office 97. I'm not about to upgrade to 2007, when 2010 (Office 14) is less than year away.

Apparantly, there will definitely be a browser-based version of Office 14, as well, regardless of the release date. This is obviously a defensive move in reaction to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Word is that Microsoft is promising to make their web-based Office suite compatible with Firefox and the iPhone.